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Fleet Maintenance Vancouver - All Tune Car Care Centre

fleet maintenance Vancouver BC All Tune Car Care Centre is dedicated to providing high-quality, dependable and competitively priced fleet management and fleet maintenance productivity and efficiency solutions to help fleet owners manage fleet operations. Our fleet management and fleet maintenance solutions have been developed to help our clients reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of their vehicle maintenance operations. Regular vehicle maintenance can reduce fuel consumption by ten to fifteen percent and is critical to a smoothly operating fleet. A poorly maintained vehicle can produce up to 50 percent more harmful emissions than one that is well maintained. We recommend that a scheduled fleet maintenance program be adopted. It may be possible to avoid purchasing a new vehicle altogether by investing some money in repairing and maintaining the one you already have. Detect early signs of equipment and vehicle fatigue. Book your free consultation today.

Fleet Maintenance - Fleet Management

At All Tune Car Care Centre, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services that address all aspects of your fleet management needs. We'll design a customized program that is just right for your business.

Best Practice Solution
Our Best Practice approach to fleet maintenance and fleet management consulting combines a benchmarking study, market-based competitiveness analysis and a customized fleet maintenance assessment. This individual approach to fleet maintenance allows us to quickly define areas for improvement in your fleet maintenance and management operation while saving time and money.

Fleet Benchmarking Study
Unlike other fleet management and fleet maintenance consultants we don't benchmark your fleet maintenance operation against other in-house fleet operations. We benchmark your fleet against the leading commercial fleet management and maintenance companies so you can see how your fleet maintenance operation stacks up against the best.

Best Practice Recommendations
We will combine our operational review with the information gathered through discussions and observations, and our data analysis to develop an assessment of service quality and effectiveness. The assessment will be presented as a series of preliminary findings and recommendations. We will schedule a working session with you to discuss our finding and the rationale for our recommendations or corrective actions.

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Always be sure to follow your manufacturer fleet maintenance guidelines to insure that your vehicles are always performing to their full potential and are always functioning properly while realizing maximum fuel efficiency.

AllTune Car Care Centre - Honest and Reliable Service.


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