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Cooling System Service and Maintenance - All Tune Car Care Centre

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Cooling system service is an absolute must-do on every vehicle. Once a cooling system suffers long-term neglect, it turns into an on-going source of problems. Once corrosion starts to take place, the effects cannot be reversed. For that single reason, it 's important to maintain the cooling system.

In the engine cooling system, an appropriate amount of an antifreeze/coolant and water mixture is necessary to help reduce the risk of the engine overheating and freezing. Another important feature of antifreeze or coolant is that it inhibits rust and corrosion in the cooling system.

Come in today and have your cooling system inspected free at All Tune by our certified automotive mechanics.

Vehicle owners should have their cooling systems professionally and thoroughly cleaned, and flush the cooling system to remove contaminants. Cleaning with a chemical cleaner is especially important if the system contains rust and sediment.

The main functions of the Engine Cooling System are to carry heat away from the engine and maintain the correct operating temperature. The system accomplishes this by circulating antifreeze/coolant around the components where heat is generated and carrying it to the radiator to be cooled.

Coolant leaks probably cause more problems than anything else. Most vehicles today have very little reserve cooling capacity. Radiators and coolant capacities have been shrunken to reduce weight (which helps fuel economy) and cost.

Consequently, most vehicles can't tolerate a coolant leak for very long before the engine starts to overheat. Overheating leads to boil over and even more loss of coolant. It may also cause engine damage as parts swell up from the heat and start to seize. Valve guides can be damaged, pistons can scuff, cylinder heads can crack and head gaskets can be crushed and fail as a result of overheating.

Overheating can also occur if the thermostat or water pump fails. The thermostat is a temperature-sensitive valve that regulates the operating temperature of the engine. It speeds engine warm up after a cold start and regulates the flow of coolant between the engine and radiator once the engine reaches normal temperature. The thermostat is usually located in a housing where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine.

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Always be sure to follow your manufacturer cooling system maintenance guidelines to insure that your vehicle is always performing to its full potential.

AllTune Car Care Centre - Honest and Reliable Car Care and Cooling System Service.


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